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Professional Network for Medical Practitioners

Safe, secure and a free platform to connect with other professionals in the medical community. Find new contacts, experts, friends and colleagues in various medical specialities and sub-specialities. Enhance your reputation, boost your career and business.
  • Connect with Medical Professionals
  • Information Exchange
  • Career Advancement
  • Events & Happenings
  • Auxiliary DocLynk Access
  • Medical & Dental Tourism

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Benefits of Joining DocLynk
Connect with Medical Practitioners
An effective and efficient way to get and stay connected with other practising Doctors, Dentists, Medical Residents and Medical Interns across the world. Improve your visibility in the professional community to get more referrals
Information Exchange
Share and exchange information with other experts in your speciality and other specialities. DocLynk's Groups and Group Discussions help you post queries, provide answers and to keep yourself current in the ever-expanding medical fields
Career Advancement
DocLynk members can browse clinical and non-clinical vacancies across the globe and post their resume in a single click
Events and Happenings
Stay informed about all the medical conferences and events happening across the world. DocLynk streams Medical related News, Videos, Presentations, etc. from various authentic sources and makes available to you for easy reference
Auxiliary DocLynk Accesses
DocLynk provides restricted access to medical related auxiliary entities, such as - Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Medical Facilities, Medical Recruiters, etc., which enables Doctors, Dentists and Medical Students to stay well connected to the medical community as a whole
Medical & Dental Tourism
DocLynk facilitates your Medical and Dental tourism practice by bridging the gap between the service provider and international healthcare service seekers